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Big Business

XOOM Energy is able to offer service to businesses who spends more than $17,000 annually on supply cost. This threshold pertains to the commodity portion of the energy bill. Based on the company’s annual usage, XOOM Energy will provide a customized quote help better suit specific needs and budget. 


Examples of Big Business accounts:

  • Commercial Property Management

  • Manufacturers

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Warehouses and Distrubution Centers

  • Franchises (hospitality, food service, laundromats, etc.)



Based on annual volumes, there are some rate classes XOOM Energy cannot service. For a list of these by state, click here.


How to Receive a Customized Proposal from XOOM Energy: 

 Download the Lead Pass Form for your state from the dropdown menu on this page.

 Complete the form entirely, including signing any required LOA(s), then submit the form to XOOM Energy by either emailing it to or fax it to 704.659.4068

 A XOOM Energy Specialist will contact you with a custom rate quote to fit your needs and budget!

       Please note that the process to receive a quote can take up to 10 business days.





 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


To get the answer to the most common questions regarding the XOOM Energy Big Business Program, click here.


Markets Where the Big Business Program Is Currently  Available